WiFi Virtual Router Free Download For Windows Latest Version

Wi-FI Access Point

WiFi Virtual Route

Program for distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop or PC

WiFi Virtual Router for pc free download an innovative program which transforms any PC or laptop into a Wi-Fi router to share Internet access among mobile devices nearby.

Benefits of Utilizing WiFi Virtual Router

WiFi Virtual Router download for pc doesn’t require additional equipment besides what you already have; all it needs to work effectively is a wireless adapter connected to a computer or laptop which turns it into an access point and shares Internet connection across devices.

WiFi Virtual Router android app receivers work as radiators for home networks that don’t use routers as often; while such networks won’t always be ideal due to limited signal range, they should still suffice if one becomes unavailable for some reason.

Advantages of the program WiFi Virtual Router

  • Minimum settings required (to start an access point you simply enter its name, password and choose an active connection with the Internet).
  • Although not completely free, the program contains no annoying advertising or additional software installations like some conditionally free programs.
  • WiFi Virtual Router for windows 10 enough system resources, and no additional equipment needs to be purchased, purchasing additional resources should not be necessary.

Disadvantages of the WiFi Virtual Router

  • Being relatively young and offered free-of-charge, the program lacks support services or any guarantees; therefore any support services and guarantees must also be considered nonexistent.
  • WiFi Virtual Router version 2 configuration may be needed on your computer for optimal program functionality; however, thanks to the developer’s website which contains step-by-step instructions with detailed explanations for setting up in minutes!

Additional Information

  • Developer: Chris Pietschmann
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Compatibility: Windows 8.1, 8, 7

WiFi Virtual Router screenshots

WiFi Virtual Router

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