MyPublicWiFi 30.1 Free Download For Windows Latest Version

Wi-FI Access Point


Utility to distribute Wi-Fi from your PC or laptop

MyPublicWiFi app download is an easy and fast way to quickly set up an access point and distribute any Internet connection originating on any PC or laptop with integrated wireless module. Furthermore, its firewall features can limit P2P use so users may only utilize available connections for browsing or media content streaming purposes.

MyPublicWiFi dowload for mac allows a laptop or PC to act as a wireless router using standard operating system tools; however, configuring MyPublicWiFi can be both time consuming and complicated.

The main functions of MyPublicWiFi

  • MyPublicWiFi apk download can only operate properly if run as an administrator and its interface consists of just three tabs – Set Up/Utility Tab/Admin Tab.


Setting up a firewall allows you to prevent network users from downloading files via file sharing services or torrents and filling up download channels with downloads. In the same tab, checkmark the “Startup” field so the program begins when starting up the operating system.


In this tab you can monitor a list of clients connected to the distributed network.


Assign settings to your future wireless network by creating its settings (entering password and giving name). From among all available connections, choose one with direct access to global networks – this may be Wi-Fi that can be shared between laptops or local connections; 3G/4G connections might even work, depending on computer support.

Disadvantages of MyPublicWiFi

  • One of the greatest obstacles lies in using laptops or PCs as access points.
  • Developers attribute this phenomenon to features of work and configuration of network cards installed in laptop computers.
  • This program receives regular updates to expand its support list of equipment.
  • One disadvantage lies in having to continuously run the program as administrator.
  • MyPublicWiFi allows users to choose among several languages available; unfortunately there is no Russian localization yet.

Additional Information

  • Developer: TRUE Software
  • License:¬†Freeware
  • Age Restrictions:¬†0+
  • Category: Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista

MyPublicWiFi screenshots


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