Betternet 8.1.1 Download Full Version For PC [32 Bit]



Excellent VPN utility to bypass locks

Betternet free download is the “client” part of an open VPN for Windows operating systems that enables users to bypass regional restrictions and provider blocks by browsing online resources freely without interference from regionally or provider-blocked access restrictions, while at the same time hiding their real IP addresses from prying eyes.

Data transmission through secure information tunnels encrypted to avoid unwarranted unauthorized access is prevented via intelligent algorithms for selecting optimal IP-address and automatic function for changing fictitious locations.

Betternet functionality

  • Creates virtual information “tunnels” between the “client” and “server” parts of a program.
  • Betternet software download encrypt outgoing traffic while decrypting incoming data packets.
  • Replace real IP with fake one; de-anonymization requests outside client part; make it impossible to calculate real IP and user’s location;
  • Automatically changes to an alternative location if regional policy prevents viewing a web resource page.
  • Analyzing user needs for real-time traffic and allocating server computing power accordingly to meet them;
    Once “Watch video & connect” mode is engaged, data transfer begins via an optimized “tunnel.” This tunnel specializes in downloading streaming video sequences.

Utility features

  • Decentralized “server” component to prevent physical access to user data.
  • Automatic detection and “clipping” of de-anonymization requests on the “periphery” part of the system.
  • Sites may be viewed regardless of regional policies and network provider restrictions.
  • Hide the user’s actual IP address.
  • Reliable cryptographic data encryption algorithms.
  • Automated system for determining optimal location and bandwidth requirement for Internet services.
  • Existence of a special mode to enable viewing streaming online videos.
  • Betternet download for android relatively high data transfer rate.


  • Fictitious “locations” are limited to several countries in Western Europe.
  • Some websites can detect whether or not a VPN connection exists and will make access impossible for such sites.
  • At peak network traffic levels, data transfer rate may experience an apparent “decline.”

Additional Information

  • Developer: Betternet LLC Inc.
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: VPN
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Betternet screenshot


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