Auslogics Registry Cleaner Free Download For PC


Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Program to clean the registry and speed up the computer

Auslogics Registry Cleaner free download latest version is an award-winning free program that enables users to search and eliminate registry errors. Cluttered registry is one of the primary causes for operating systems being slow. Auslogics Registry Cleaner app scanning for and eliminating invalid keys from computer registries, this free tool helps improve overall computer speed significantly.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner features

  • Find and clean any dead-end, unused and/or dubbing paths found within a registry system.
  • Find and eliminate other registry errors: nonexistent icons and file extensions, remnants from remote programs.
  • Cleaning outdated registry keys – including those related to common DLL libraries, fonts and menu selections.

How does Auslogics Registry Cleaner work?

Registry analysis and cleaning processes typically take 1-5 minutes depending on your computer configuration.
Initial operations aim at locating problematic keys in the registry and inviting users to review and select problematic entries; by default all detected paths in the registry are selected automatically.

Before performing registry cleaning, it is highly advised that a backup be created first – this allows in case any unexpected consequences arise, to undo changes made within it and undo changes made to it by accidentally making changes without first creating a copy first.

This program contains functionality to delete all unnecessary files on a system:

  • temporary files.
  • system basket.
  • browser cache.
  • Cookies.

This software features a Russified edition (to install this, simply choose Russian as your interface language).

Auslogics Registry Cleaner screenshot

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

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