AIDA32 3.94.2 Free Download For PC Latest Version

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Program displaying computer hardware data

AIDA32 free download everest that offer more comprehensive analysis of PC configuration as well as providing extensive details regarding both its hardware and software components, such as CPU type. These applications enable PC configuration analysis by providing both physical and specialized feature information (for instance AMD).

What devices have been installed into my system – processors, motherboards, video cards, sound cards and memory modules

  • Characteristics distinguish devices: cache sizes, processor speeds, voltage settings etc.
  • Instruction sets and modes of operation supported by processor are numerous.
  • Who are the manufacturers of component units?
  • Configuration of OS.
  • Which drivers have already been installed.
  • Programs will automatically load onto my system.
  • Which licenses and processes are present and running on this system.
  • AIDA32 free download latest version also tests memory read/write operations, comparing results before and after modifications are applied.

Aida32 download for windows 10 offers multilingual support that is automatically configured based on where it was installed. For use when working in DOS environments there is also a 16-bit version. AIDA32 can be downloaded free from our site starting March 24, 2004 when both project and app site closed – now download AIDA32 free today on our site!

Additional Information

  • Developer: Tamas Miklos
  • License:¬†Freeware
  • Age Restrictions:¬†0+
  • Category: System data
  • Compatibility: Windows Vista, XP

AIDA32 screenshot


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