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Free program for translations of foreign languages

Explanary app free download is an efficient translation using it you can translate words and applications from one program into another quickly and find explanations of unfamiliar terms quickly – plus our web portal of free apps offers easy download access of Explanary for free!

The main features of the application:

  • Enabling functions via hot keys.
  • Pop-ups serve as tooltips with translation capability as well as settings.
  • There’s also an “above all windows” function and translucency options available to the user.
  • Bookmark each word easily with Bookmark Manager.
  • You have the ability to enable or disable dictionaries as well as import your personal ones.
  • Word entry in programs without moving the cursor on an input window has long been considered useful; now with auto word insertion capabilities it makes the task even simpler! Words appear automatically.
  • Live Search: Once the first few letters appear, word appears automatically after them.
  • Customizable font and other parameters.
  • Your program can be minimized into a tray at the corner of the screen for quick viewing.
  • Automatic download from Windows.

Explanary download for windows 10 contains the Britannica Encyclopedia glossary, German and French bilingual dictionaries with two translation directions as well as an equivalent English dictionary; additional sets of English monolingual, foreign language or encyclopedic dictionaries may also be downloaded separately in the program.

Explanary download for mac is an indispensable program for professional translators and can also come in handy should an unfamiliar term come up during conversation. Best yet, Explanary is free!

Additional Information

  • Developer: Magsoft4you
  • License:¬†Freeware
  • Age Restrictions:¬†0+
  • Category: Translators
  • Compatibility: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

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