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hide.me VPN

Convenient and reliable VPN client

Hide.me VPN for Windows VPN service provides secure web surfing through closed information channels that prevent user de-anonymization and location determination, featuring an automatic traffic distribution system which ensures high Internet speeds when active surfing and “saves” traffic when not needed.

hide.me VPN most prevent work detects and prevents the transfer of financial information in order to reduce theft of financial details. A unique aspect of the utility is the lack of any logs from user actions (web resources included) making de-anonymization impossible using logs even with legal credentials and Hide.me VPN download for windows 10 special tools available.

Functional Hide.me VPN

  • At each launch, it identifies the optimal connection region and initiates creation of a secure information gateway between client and server.
  • Creates multiple IP addresses within one “server machine”, thus complicating “pinging” of active connections without degrading speed.
  • hide.me VPN download for windows detects and “persects” any de-animization queries and attempts to record user actions in log file.
  • Discovering and “freezing” potentially unsafe connections to protect against hackers, while alerting the user in their interface of potential danger.
  • Analyzing transmitted traffic, identifying “financial” details and blocking their transmission back onto the network to make theft impossible.

VPN Features

  • High degree of anonymity.
  • achtig Powerful cryptographic traffic encryption algorithms; Emulate multiple IP addresses without noticeable reduction in speed (complexifies identification with an active connection without loss).
  • Logs on both client and server sides have been disallowed as has any monitoring of user activities by website resources.
  • Intellectual system to identify optimal regions and redistribute traffic among users.
  • Automatic recognition of financial details prevents their potential theft.


  • “Pinging” (identifying “iron”) with an active connection is technically possible – its success being dependent upon how long an active compound remains active in its system.
  • Protection against hackers may not always be effective.
  • Some web resources may suffer when connected via VPN for security purposes. This may result in reduced functionality.

Additional Information

  • Developer: eVenture Limited
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: VPN
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

hide.me VPN screenshot

hide.me VPN

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