Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator 2.0 Downlaod For PC[ 32 Bit]

Wi-FI Access Point

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator

Useful program that creates a wi-fi access point

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator is a Windows application used for sharing Internet access. All that’s necessary for it to function properly is running with administrator rights; otherwise, connections created will not show up in your list of Internet connections.

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator utilises technology

similar to that found in commercial routers with wireless communication capabilities, offering complete protection from intruders as only users with valid password access can gain entry.

Attributes and features of HotSpot Creator include

  • its ability to transform any computer into a Wi-Fi router (the computer’s parameters being almost irrelevant);
  • WPA2 data exchange technology ensures high rates of connection security;
  • its ease of installation and configuration make this app ideal;
  • Access points allow any wireless-enabled laptop, tablet, or smartphone that supports Wi-Fi technology to connect directly with each other;
  • creating one means creating one point where any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone that supports it can connect.
  • No additional charge applies when activating application features.
  • To set up the Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator program, enter a name and password for the access point

you are creating as well as selecting which Internet connection should be shared across devices that recognize its password for sharing purposes. When the access point has been started up, other devices which know its password for user can connect directly.

Additional Information

  • Developer: DanuSoft
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator screenshot

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator