WebMoney Keeper 4.5.0.R-129 Download Apk For Windows


WebMoney Keeper

Official client of the WebMoney payment service

WebMoney Keeper for Android devices is the client application of WebMoney’s payment system with which it shares its name. Designed to facilitate secure transactions within and out of its payment network and I/O money transactions. Comes equipped with instant messenger functionality so users can communicate, online store aggregator features and QR code scanner.

security features of our wallet solution include multi-level protection from third parties attempting to gain unauthorized access and an FTP client for file sharing and uploading identification documents. WebMoney Keeper  download for pc Wallet payments may be used for utility services, car fines, mobile replenishment billing transactions as well as other payments transactions.

WebMoney Keeper Functionality is now live.

  • Creates and authorizes in their personal account of an existing WMID; Downloads up-to-date information regarding account-linked wallets, transaction history and incoming messages from other users;
  • Use a camera to scan QR codes and understand their content;
  • After verification, completes (after providing necessary details and parameters) a transaction of specified type with specified parameters – output to card, transfer to wallet, payment by bank details or currency exchange rates, invoicing for services provided, providing loans or processing loans, etc;
  • Sends text message to selected correspondent (user who agreed to add him/herself into contact list);
  • Downloads and displays list of online stores which support paying with electronic currency of service;
  • WebMoney Keeper  download for mac Sends specific files (identity documents, transaction screenshots or receipts, for instance) directly to specified users or directly to a system server;
  • Automatically terminates initiated sessions when suspicious hack attempts are suspected and sends appropriate notifications back out;

Utilise utility features

  • Fully featured WebMoney mobile tools right inside the phone;
  • independence from other Keeper services (even if hacked or stolen, an attacker would not gain access to electronic keys from other Keepers);
    Multi-level security system and intellectual function of countering hacking.
  • Payment transactions with third-party services, banking organizations and online stores;
  • built-in text chat, FTP client and QR code scanner capabilities.


  • For security (anti-money laundering), large transactions require downloading passport data;
  • an 0.8% transaction fee applies for each transaction between wallets (except when exchanging between wallets ).

Additional Information

  • Developer: CJSC “Computing Forces”
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Finance
  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 or later

WebMoney Keeper screenshot

WebMoney Keeper