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Temple Run 2

The continuation of the colorful runner

Temple Run 2 for Android devices offers a compelling combination of quest adventure gameplay, classic three-dimensional running action, and elements from RPG gameplay. Players will explore abandoned industrial facilities, mysterious castles, magical forests and pirate bays while at the same time having the freedom to escape their inhabitants in safety.

Accelerate through cliffs, forest thickets, the remains of ancient castles and radiation tombs to avoid being caught! Collect clues scattered about each location you visit so as to gain more knowledge. Accelerate, slide and jump over obstacles before pulling bridges behind yourself so as to remain unnoticed by local inhabitants!

Temple Run 2 Gameplay

  • Start playing Temple Run 2 by selecting one of its characters, beginning their storyline campaign;
  • Each character comes equipped with their own characteristics;
  • Explore locations while collecting items, boosters, bonuses and hints along the way;
  • Break suspension bridges, blow up hillsides, activate castle traps, and do everything possible to stay ahead of your pursuers;
  • collect puzzle-tips to discover more of each place visited, unlocking new levels along the way;
  • Use assembled boosters when charged to gain an advantage against your pursuers;
  • verandern characters depending on the situation, develop their skills further;
  • unlock special tricks with which you can gain extra experience and other bonuses;
  • Perform special tasks to earn special achievements;
  • complete each character’s storyline campaign and solve every mystery to complete your game!

Features Runner at its Best

  • As part of its vast offering, this game contains hundreds of levels that each require the selection of an appropriate character;
  • hundreds of natural and man-made obstacles and traps; fully animated three-dimensional graphics with dynamic background music;
  • full three dimensional 3D animation and fully 3D three dimensional graphics;
  • plus dynamic background music;
  • Plus – an adorable monkey!


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Additional Information

  • Developer: Imangi Studios
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 7+
  • Category: Arcade, Action
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later

Temple Run 2 screenshot

Temple Run 2