QIWI 4.8.0 Free Download For PC Latest Version



Popular online wallet

QIWI for Android provides an electronic wallet system designed for payment processing and replenishment. Refill your wallet balance any convenient way, from cashless payments through terminal depositors and withdrawing through mobile device accounts directly, saving transaction templates so repeat transactions at any time and easily register new secure accounts using just your phone number!

QIWI Features

  • QIWI download for windows 10 offers no commissions when topping up an electronic wallet;
  • used to pay consumer loans from major banks and financial institutions;
  • supports online services for selling games/in-game content such as Steam, Warface and GoG.
  • Built-in maps display terminals of the company as well as partner points of replenishment;
  • NFC technology makes transactions possible simply by attaching devices to compatible cash registers;

Application Benefits

  • These include instant transfer of funds between payment systems;
  • Western Union, CONTACT and Anelik as well as bank accounts in minutes;
  • QIWI download for android lack of advertising/paid content and using QR scanners on fixed terminals for authentication.
  • Support is provided for creating and using virtual Visa cards;
  • Unique numbering and CVV codes attached.


  • Wrong fingerprint recognition during authentication;
  • occasional cases of the purse not balancing after long breaks between visits.

Additional Information

  • Developer: QIWI Bank JSC
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Finance
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later

QIWI screenshot