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Piano Tiles 2

Fascinating music game

Piano Tiles 2 for Android offers players a captivating combination of piano playing simulation and tile-based arcade gameplay, where players must retrace various musical compositions by tapping the right tiles at just the right moment to assemble musical sequences.

Track the rhythm, predict which tiles will activate next, and press them at just the right moment in order to play popular classical or original compositions on piano! Record and share videos of yourself playing piano!

Gameplay Piano Tiles 2

  • Listen carefully and repeat a musical composition until its rhythm becomes intuitive;
  • jump right in! Listen for melodies playing, clicking at just the right time on appropriate tiles;
  • Start playing back a melody with as few errors as possible to complete each level;
  • Gain extra points for completion and unlock multiple tunes faster; repeat playing back the track without making
  • Piano Tiles 2 download free for pc errors until all levels have been successfully passed through;
  • this way you may unlock more tunes at once
  • Get experience points by playing and using special modifiers during gameplay;
  • record video of your performance to share on social networks!

Special Features

  • A combination of piano simulator and tiled arcade is contained within this bottle;
  • It includes popular, author, and classic compositions to be played by the player;
  • Additionally there’s the opportunity for special modifiers;
  • Constantly keeping track of rhythm and anticipating which tile will activate next;
  • Piano Tiles 2download for windows 10 recording games via video capture for later dissemination through specific social networks;
  • High quality graphics engine.


  • There may be embedded commercials;
  • einiger Some modifiers and compositions are provided at a cost;

Additional Information

  • Developer: Clean Master Games
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Arcade
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later

Piano Tiles 2™ screenshot

Piano Tiles 2™