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Need for Speed No Limits

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Need for Speed No Limits is a three-dimensional multiplayer simulator of illegal urban car racing available exclusively on Android devices. Play as an illegal racer attempting to avoid city traffic during street races; acquire, tune and customize sports cars before competing against real people from all around the globe while performing various extreme tricks during each race!

Balance on the edge between chaos and control, outwit rivals, evade law enforcement officials and find new racing routes! Make an impressionful statement on Blackridge streets as an illegal racer by reaching the Major League of illegal racers – make them swallow Need for Speed No Limits download apk mode latest version your dust before entering to become one of Blackridge’s finest racers – then claim glory from being involved with one of the greatest street races worldwide!

Need for Speed No Limits (NFSL)

  • Choose a sports car at the beginning of each race;
  • inspect its specifications in depth; install spare parts to enhance or counterbalance any disadvantages;
  • plan a route but be prepared to change plans should police intervene;
  • Experience Blackridge at night while driving your vehicle with precision through narrow streets;
  • Need for Speed No Limits download for windows 10 avoid oncoming and passing cars while reaching top speeds on level participants of the route, drifter skidding upon cornering;
  • ajungi Reach the finish line first or at least third for prize money and experience points;
  • Performing stunts can gain you additional experience points;
  • Be wary of police intervention; stay out of their reach no matter what;
  • purchase new parts to upgrade and customize your car and increase recognition;
  • challenge riders from different leagues in order to open access to new routes;
  • Buy new sports cars so that you can join races of other leagues;
  • Enter the big leagues, wipe the floor with anyone who dares challenge you;
  • The ultimate illegal planet racer!

Features of Car Simulator

  • Three dimensional graphics featuring detailed animation;
  • Realistic car dynamics and behavior, along wit;
  • An advanced urban traffic simulation system;
  • Multiple real-life cars with carefully considered race tracks;
  • hundreds of parts and customization modules; Its thousands of in-game events;
  • the possibility that police might appear, including on special sports cars and helicopters.


  • Some in-game content requires payment;
  • you will also require high speed internet for optimal gameplay.

Additional Information

  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • License:¬†Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 7+
  • Category: Race,¬†Simulators
  • Compatibility:¬†Android 4.0 or later

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Need for Speed No Limits