NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 6.0.30 Download For Laptop


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

High-quality basketball simulator

NBA Live Mobile Basketball for Android devices combines three-dimensional basketball game simulation with team management elements in an RPG setting to offer you an authentic virtual basketball tournament experience under EA SPORTS’ auspices. Create and manage teams of your own on an international scale while taking part in tournaments sponsored by EA Sports!

Starken your basketball players’ and your entire team’s skills and abilities so they can throw balls even better into the basket, deny opponents on the playing field a chance of victory, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball download free for pc sign contracts with game prototypes of real basketball players, train your squad, study enemy teams’ features and develop tactics for every upcoming match! Inspire victory!

Gameplay NBA Live Mobile Basketball can now be enjoyed.

  • Select the country, main and reserve team basketball players available initially;
  • Gain insight into each character within your squad;
  • strengths and weaknesses of opponents to plan successful tactics of play for forthcoming matches;
  • Control your basketball players directly during each matchup to defeat their adversary;
  • Unlock prize money, experience points and fame points by winning matches;
  • use these to upgrade and unlock basketball players from other teams;
  • finalizing contracts with these newcomers is also possible!
  • Win matches to earn enough fame and join other top basketball players worldwide in EA SPORTS’ virtual basketball tournament NBA LIVE Mobile;
  • Take control of the NBA LIVE Mobile tournament ranking table so your team is the top performer during this NBA LIVE Mobile season on earth!

Simulator Features

  • Combination of basketball simulator, RPG setting and team manager;
  • Need for careful evaluation of every individual on both team – own and opposition;
  • Holds regular virtual tournaments between real players;
  • There are hundreds of prototypes modeled after real basketball players;
  • an extensive pumping system; three-dimensional graphics which move smoothly;
  • dynamic background music that adds another element;
  • Opportunities abound with NBA LIVE Mobile!
  • Come compete on the field alongside some of the greatest players around in tournament mode!


  • This game includes integrated ads;
  • some content must be paid for;
  • mandatory age verification through Facebook is mandatory in order to save gameplay (13+).

Additional Information

  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Sport, Simulators
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball screenshot

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball