CarX Drift Racing 1.15.0 Download For PC Windows 10


CarX Drift Racing

Dynamic racing game

CarX Drift Racing for Android devices offers an immersive three-dimensional multiplayer drift simulation game. Take on the role of driver-drifter by competing in up to 10-person races or solo challenges against real people or your shadow!

CarX Drift Racing downloa for mac directly to YouTube, Everyplay or Facebook for easy sharing! Burn rubber while skillfully managing handbrake adjustments; produce clouds of smoke from driving on tracks, pump, tune, customize, buy new cars to customize or upgrade, win races to become one of the world’s greatest drifters!

Gameplay CarX Drift Racing free apk full version download includes both real car-racing as well as virtual racing on Gameplay CarX Drift.

Gameplay CarX Drift Racing

  • Select either multiplayer or Ghost mode and compete against real people or your own shadow;
  • Once behind the wheel of one of the cars available in initial levels, set driving mode and enter drift track;
  • Accelerate on straight sections, apply handbrake whenever appropriate, enter side skid mode as quickly as possible;
  • burn rubber as long as possible in order to gain maximum points;
  • To win in this race, reach the finish line before your competitors or your shadow;
  • Experience points can be gained for leaving clouds of smoke above the track and money for winning races;
  • experience points can then be spent opening new tracks, cars, spare parts and customization modules as rewards;
  • exchange, spending this money will unlock more experience points to open more tracks, cars and customization modules;
  • leading the ranking table of players and becoming one of the greatest drifters around!

Simulator Features

  • Over 10 unique drifter tracks;
  • More than 50 cars (exclusive ones are only available to VIP players);
  • Customizable parts and modules to personalize cars with;
  • Fully animated three dimensional graphics, realistic car behavior physics;
  • pleasant sound are combined into fully animated three dimensional graphics for an unforgettable driving experience with 4 driving modes per car to keep players challenged against themselves while on tracks or against others;
  • Race record function with ability to share video replay on YouTube, Everyplay and Facebook.


  • Certain cars, spare parts and customization modules cost money;
  • The current version does not feature saving game progress – when deleted from your phone all achievements will be lost;
  • Furthermore there are integrated advertisements which could prevent play.

Additional Information

  • Developer: CarX Technologies
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Race, Simulators
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later

CarX Drift Racing screenshot