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Avast Mobile Security

Simple and reliable antivirus to protect your device

Avast Mobile Security for Android is an antivirus designed specifically to safeguard devices against digital threats like phishing sites and programs, infected files and SMS killers, Trojans, spyware/adware viruses, annoying phone calls from spammers or suspicious sources, malicious applications running without your knowledge and other digital dangers.

Avast Mobile Security download for windows 10 built-in with an automated and remotely initiated device locking system to combat theft. Provides secure file storage for photos, videos and other forms of media content; can create VPN tunnels to provide secure traffic exchange; bypass web resource locks when needed.

Functional Avast Mobile Security Solutions.

  • Integrates security modules into the system;
  • Scan the entire system for infected processes and terminate or delete their executive files if any are found;
    Analyzing traffic, detecting malicious code transmission and private data (numbers, bank details and photos);
  • freezing exchange of information until further user response;
  • Integration into applications that process SMS allows this product to automatically reset processing if killer commands or overflow of available memory prevents its processing from moving forward;
  • Creates an isolated partition on disk space dedicated to photos, videos and personal files;
  • encrypts its yoke with encryption software to safeguard contents;
  • Avast Mobile Security download for pc requests an authorization code upon opening;
  • establishes tunneled VPN gateway with encrypted transmission to bypass web resource locks and prevent traffic phishing;
  • Automatically drop calls from blacklisted numbers;
  • Corrects system module performance to save battery power;
  • Blocks device operations when repeatedly entering SIM-card PINs or file storage passwords incorrectly, entering an invalid pattern key combination, using someone else’s fingerprint, or receiving remote requests with special codes.

Antivirus features:

  • Complete protection system including blacklist of numbers and VPN-client in one package;
  • Ongoing updates of virus signature database;
  • Identity Theft Prevention Mechanism Integrated into Identity Protection Protocol System and more!
  • Automated system to protect personal and promotional data against theft;
  • Utilising encrypted, PIN protected file storage with battery saving function;
  • battery protection features, as well as counteracting SMS killers is provided;
  • Automatic and remote antitheft features.


  • This approach requires integrated advertising;
  • Requires investing time and energy; but part of its function may be compensated.

Additional Information

  • Developer: AVAST Software
  • License: Freeware
  • Age Restrictions: 0+
  • Category: Antivirus
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 or later

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Avast Mobile Security