2gis Download For PC [32 Bit]

Astronomy and Geography


Multifunctional reference program with maps

2gis download for windows is an informative multifunctional information service featuring maps of over 300 cities in 9 countries as well as an index of institutions. To locate what you are searching for quickly and efficiently, enter its name into the search bar; each organization includes address, phone number, site information and hours/entry location information for easy reference.

Information specific to the type of 2gis download for windows 10 activity of a company should also be displayed: services provided, methods of payment and types of cuisine served (for catering establishments). You may use rulers and measures of distance for measurement between objects as well as planning routes for walking or taking public transit travel. 2gis download for mac some cities even provide maps showing traffic jams which make this program extremely helpful to travelers and anyone wishing to navigate freely throughout their city.

Features 2GIS

  • offers regular updates every month;
  • users may work offline;
  • it features convenient detailed maps;
  • only necessary functionality is offered;
  • 3D building format gives realistic 3D building appearance;
  • Save favorite places for quick access;
  • Access floor plans of major shopping centers without using up too many device resources;
  • access an easy, clear menu;
  • These thematic collections contain interesting places and routes for reviews or walks;
  • flexible search filters to provide precise orientation;
  • intuitive navigation capabilities and laconic designs;
  • everything to enhance an unforgettable journey experience!

Disadvantages of the Program

  • Within our limited geography of presence;
  • affiche walking routes may not always provide optimal routes to pursue.

Additional Information

  • Developer: DoubleGIS, LLC
  • License:¬†Freeware
  • Age Restrictions:¬†0+
  • Category: Astronomy and geography
  • Compatibility:¬†Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

2gis screenshot